February 23, 2021

Videography: the production of a video author, the wedding videographer.


The term ‘videographer’ refers to the person who takes care of all stages of a film production.

The videographer has found space in recent years among the many figures in videomaking.

One word, one concept.

This figure goes beyond the author, he is, in effect, the director, writer and consultant of the couple throughout the wedding planning process, listening to them in all their requests, following and advising them without neglecting the millions of details typical of the event.

There are so many aspects that the Wedding Videographer takes care of in recounting these fantastic moments: from production to finalisation, from shooting to editing, from colour to sound, from the structure of the narrative to telling through years of experience, distinguished by the passion that characterises our work, and training, the emotions of the most important day and bringing them back to life in the most original way.

The responsibility of a ‘wedding videographer’.

It is precisely because of all these aspects that the search for a professional to whom you entrust this very important task is indispensable.

It is no longer by chance that many couples choose the Videographer for their wedding, just as they have chosen the Photographer for years.

Considerations of a wedding videographer

Videographers and professional photographers co-exist within the event and, although they may often not know each other, they co-ordinate so as not to hinder or influence each other.

Fundamental aspects that harmonise the style of both professionals should be considered when choosing the two.

In order not to run into opposing approaches and styles, it is good to know that many already work with professionals who can advise you.

For many years little importance was attached to the wedding film and couples did not choose the author of their film.

Today, selecting the photographer, the artist, the professional who will take care of your event is just as important as choosing the Videographer.

What inspires a ‘Wedding Videographer’?

The most important aspects of telling a true story stem from knowledge.

It is crucial for an author to perceive the feelings of the couple, the obstacles and the desires that characterise a marriage.

Choosing the point of view of a Videographer that moves you most is the primary objective if you are looking for something that stays and you can relive it over time.

All these aspects, despite the fact that there are photographers who work with videographers, are neglected.

Over the years, as we have dealt with many photographers, we have realised that it is also a burden for them to handle the video part, because many of those who consider themselves professionals are actually not, causing damage to both the photographer and the couple.

So getting to know your wedding videographer is not just about getting to know the person who will be with you, but about understanding who you are entrusting with the story of the most important day of your life.

The growth of the ‘wedding videographer’.

A professional wedding videographer has an obligation to update, train and study on a daily basis.

The perception of these aspects is very important in the choice.

One of the many risks:

Not relying on a professional Wedding Videographer carries the risk of not having quality audio or even quality footage:

“The sound of a film is 50% of the show”.

Investments for a ‘wedding videographer’.

With technology advancing so fast, a wedding videographer is always ready to invest in new equipment, software and accessories.

On this last point, I would like to point out that it is not the means that make the difference, because a story can be filmed with any camera, mirrolless, which can facilitate and facilitate the videographer’s work in many ways.

In order to tell a true story that is your own, and therefore different, it is absolutely important to have an independent professional videographer.

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