"You keep trying as hard as you can.

Because, even without talent, and you have it, you're going somewhere if you're not overwhelmed by ego.

It doesn't take pride in every single job.

But you do need to work harder than 99% of people work."

Cinema is heart, electricity.

Wedding Videographer

The videographer profession is about emotion, artistry, and identification.

If you ask anyone about their best, special days, you’ll probably hear about their first love, first kiss, the birth of a child, or perhaps their wedding day.

These are undoubtedly many of the moments that, as we look back over the years, we love to remember.

I feel so privileged to know that I only have a few seconds to choose and capture through my point of view such important moments, creating works of art that will live on forever with their family for the rest of their lives.

There is something beyond everything because you are driven by emotion, no acting, no scripts, not fake movies about fake people with fake emotions.

When I first found myself with a camera in my hands, I immediately realized that I had one of the most powerful tools in the world.

Making wedding videos is responsibility, but not only.

The strength, the sensitivity, the courage, these are just some of the many feelings I felt when I filmed my first wedding 5 years ago.

When I started to look at the world through the lens of a camera I didn’t know who I was, I discovered it by telling and narrowing the field more and more.

I understood and discovered my sensitivity, getting excited and moving today is the essence of my work.

Wedding shooting for me and my team tells all our love for videography.

When we work we realize that we are not a team of dealers or simply a studio or a company, we have no labels.

We are sensitive professionals, men, women who love photography, videography who are committed to capturing the most important moments of your life, the way you want it.

"Thank you for the mistakes you've made;

for the magic you give me;

for the life you give me.

Thank you for loving me."

- Marie


Who I am

A photography expert, a videographer, or a videomaker, nowadays we feel the need to define and label everything.

And even professions are too often confined to a defined field.

But behind a definition, there are people who work, who intend the profession in a different way, driven by different motivations and with different talents.

What I think is at the base of my profession is the ability to observe, which over the years has led me to capture moments, moments of reality and spontaneity, managing to capture them on video.

They told me I couldn't... That's why I did it!

- Arnold Schwarzenegger



Transmitting emotions for a wedding videographer is everything, it is an innate gift that is acquired only in part by studying books.

It is the ability to tell the story of reality, to make people relive an important moment, to make them feel that growing sense of happiness when they see the videos made, it is the satisfaction of capturing a smile, an expression, a moment that could have been lost forever.

Over the years I have refined my technique by focusing on telling the reality, without pretending, making each work unique.

It is the desire to make you the true protagonist of your film that pushes me to improve day after day.

Capturing the moments, enhancing the personality, identifying myself.

These are some of the requirements of my work.

What I do is personal and authentic, absolutely far from stereotypes and the idea that every wedding or every event must respond to pre-packaged characteristics.

Every wedding is unique, every couple has its own story, dreams, ambitions and characteristics.

Although diversity is the true characteristic of each couple and each event, the common thread is the desire to capture reality, to convey authentic emotions and to capture memories as in a successful film.


- Moodvideomaking

How do I work?

Making a videography service for your wedding requires a preparatory phase aimed at defining the work to be done, according to your preferences and needs.

To all intents and purposes creating videos for weddings implies a series of attentions that need to be studied and defined.

Capturing emotions, creating a work that can convey joy, smiles and vivid memories is possible only by establishing a friendly relationship, trust and transparency between the bride and groom and the videographer.

Contacting me or going to our studio, you will be the center and the absolute protagonist of your wedding film.

How to book videography services:





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Shooting organization

After booking and as we get closer to the date of the wedding we will talk several times to outline the work plan, timing and define all the details in order to make the perfect work just as you want it.

After getting to know me by viewing the webpage and social channels, you have several ways to contact me. You can use the appropriate section on the website, or send me an email, or reach me by phone.

This is where we'll really get to know each other and you can start telling me about your project.

After defining the aspects you just have to book here

All the points will be outlined, from the date of the shoot to the costs.

Ensuring a date well in advance allows you to have a better chance of being able to receive the service in the desired period.

The first step I recommend is to take a look at my videos, social pages, and website including the "about me" sections, opinions released by other clients, and answers to frequently asked questions.

This step gives you an idea of how I work, the style, and the type of service you will get from contacting me.

"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today."

- Malcolm x

The importance of finding the right videographer for your wedding

Wedding Videographer

There are some jobs and some works that can always be remedied as there are jobs that once done are irreparable.

Choosing the right location is important, even more so is choosing the right groom or bride, but also the choice of videographer is essential.

If the service carried out is not up to scratch, there is no way to remedy the situation: the day is over.

The videographer’s job is delicate, and consists of foreseeing even the smallest of unforeseen events.

Capturing the moments, the details, knowing how to get excited are characteristics that you won’t find in every professional.

What is captured by the lenses is all you will have to create a video service for your wedding.

For this reason, it is important to choose the right professionals, those who have proven experience, but it is not enough.

Experience is acquired over the years, it is a determining factor, but empathy, knowing exactly how to meet requests, attention, are all innate characteristics that define talent.

Don’t settle for a figure who calls himself an expert, look for a talented professional, one who more than anyone else knows how to capture memories, knows how to recognize that every story is different from another.

A good videographer is a professional at 360°, with technical skills, driven by strong motivation, passion, with communication skills and interpretation of reality.

We make films, documenting what happens and using state-of-the-art film technology.


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