Wedding at Palazzo Avino

December 17, 2022

A wedding at Palazzo Avino in Ravello is where a dream comes true. Since we were kids, whenever we imagined a love story, we thought of the most enchanting places; palaces, and castles that frame one of the most beautiful love stories like the ones told in films.

Palazzo Avino seems to have come out of a fairy tale, as does the entire enchanting town of Ravello, immersed in the Amalfi Coast. To have the feeling of living in a fairytale and celebrating their love story with style, Nick and Trinity have chosen the suggestive location of the Palazzo Avino hotel in Ravello.

In this article we will discover every corner of the building and, like in a fairy tale, we will follow the two young spouses on the most important day of their love. 

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Ravello wedding: an Italian wedding

A wedding in Ravello, in the splendid and historic Palazzo Avino offers unique emotions and perfectly embodies the Italian wedding. In fact, this town which is located on the Amalfi Coast, has been part of UNESCO World Heritage since 1997, is among the most evocative and famous venues, ideal for a seaside wedding.

Over the centuries, the town has hosted numerous illustrious personalities such as writers, composers, singers and painters who have often found inspiration from the amazing sea view of the Amalfi Coast’ terrace. 

Among these, Wagner who seems to have created part of the Parsifal scenography, inspired by the ancient of Villa Rufolo. Amazed by the beauty of these places, Verdi, Caruso, Toscanini and the painter Mirò have also found refreshment together with many other illustrious characters who, in some cases, they even have made Ravello their own home.

Even today Ravello enchants and keeps its magic unchanged. In this setting, one of the most fascinating wedding locations in Ravello is the historic Palazzo Avino. The hotel offers different services and its staff is well prepared for making your wedding day unforgettable. 

The Palace really looks like something out of a fairy tale. It is from the Middle Ages and has a Baroque style. In addition to the beauty, all the rooms are furnished with extreme care and this residence is enhanced from each corner. From the terraces overlooking the gulf, the sun sets, bathing the house with its play of light. The breeze that comes from the sea brings with it the delicate scents of the Amalfi Coast and inebriates with its romantic notes. 

The ancient marbles, pure white and contrasting colours make Palazzo Avino in Ravello a magical place to celebrate your wedding.

The hotel boasts 5 deluxe stars, inside there is the famous Rossellinis starred restaurant which is very well known for its events. It looks like a dream, where the bride and groom can immerse themselves in a modern fairy tale, enjoy the typical flavours of the area and celebrate together with their friends and relatives in a timeless location.


The History of Palazzo Avino

The history of Palazzo Avino, where nowadays the splendid Palazzo Avino hotel is located, is as noble as the families that inhabited it. The house dates back to the 12th century and in the past, it bore the name of the family that restored it in the 1700s, namely the Sasso Di Scala. It seems that the noble family was related to Blessed Gerardo, founder of the Order of the Knights of Malta.

In the early 20th century, the palace was bought by an American businessman named George Clift Bowman who restructured and expanded it. Bowman subsequently sold the palace to the Italian government, which used it as a location for government offices.

The palazzo was eventually converted into a hotel since the Avino family took it over in 1995.

Throughout its history, many famous people have stayed in the splendid rooms of the palace and were amazed by the place and from the breathtaking view that the palace offers. We can name famous people starting from the Duchess of Aosta, to the beautiful Gina Lollobrigida up to Bergman and Rossellini. Today, the Palazzo is directed by Mariella Avino who claims to love this enchanting place. 

Palazzo Avino has been described as a “romantic” and “intimate” place for weddings. The hotel’s wedding planner, Alessandra D’Angelo, said the hotel’s “amazing view” makes it a perfect  choice for destination weddings.

D’Angelo also said the hotel staff are “very professional” and “pay attention to every detail,” which she believes is important for a wedding.

The hotel offers a number of wedding packages, including a three-night stay in a suite, private dinner for two, and breakfast with champagne.


Nick and Trinity’s Love Dream: Documentary Film

In this exclusive and enchanting setting, the film documentary of Nick and Trinity’s wedding in Ravello was born. The colours of the Palace and of the landscape that can be enjoyed from the terraces are the natural background of the film. The pure white of the bride’s dress lights up the space.

Every moment of intense happiness is narrated and immortalised to bring it back to memory in the future. The tears of joy and the palpable emotion of the spouses as they exchange the greatest promise are captured by the camera, with discretion and mastery. 

Kisses, smiles, sincere tears and unleashed moments from the party are skilfully mixed to give life to a documentary film full of magical moments and shared happiness. The wedding ceremony is always an exciting moment that maintains its charm over time. Showing it through the film allows you to relive it every time with the same intensity.   

Music, colours and sounds

Trinity runs between the restored columns of the building with her long white dress and finds herself in front of a blue sea with emotion in her eyes as her husband speaks to her of their love. They exchange their “yes” in front of the dearest guests and it is with them that they start the banquet prepared on the most beautiful terrace, surrounded by flowers and the colour of those who love them.

Later the party continues and is tinged with the red and orange of the fireworks as they cut the cake. Music and dances take place by completely transforming the atmosphere into a glamorous one. 

Nick and Trinity’s wedding at Palazzo Avino is all of this. Their documentary film reflects them and their love speaks through the photos, because every love has its own colours, songs and poems.