WEVA ItAward 2018

It all begins.

It was the year 2018 when I decided to enter a contest for the first time.

It was a new world for me. The desire to compare, to share helped me constantly and strengthened my knowledge.

Making my work known to videographers from all over the world fascinated me and talking with them about many significant aspects of our activity helped me grow.

I’ve always believed in new challenges, and I knew right away that they would give me further stimuli and, above all, greater awareness.

In my first participation in WEVA I received many awards. These awards have brought me over the years on the most important national and international stages and contests.

All my work, training and experience gained over the years began to reward me.

This was my 2018:

WEVA ItAward 2018

3rd place in the “Best Young Professional” category.

4th place in the “Best Engagement” category.

4th place in the “Save The Date” category.

5 place in the “Best Colorist” category

5 place in the “Best Pilot” category

WEVA ItAward 2019

On the wave of enthusiasm.

2019 begins on a wave of enthusiasm and the incentives to do better are also growing.

And such enthusiasm I found reflected in the married couples protagonists of my videos.

The adventures and travels around Italy and abroad, at the same time, increased with the spirit of sharing and growth.

Here, my second participation in an international contest, the passage to the next step: I received the communication of being chosen as Super Judge in the Balkan contest.

A great human and professional satisfaction for me to reach such a goal.

So 2019 was the year of confirmations.

In addition to having held this important role in the JURY, I was able to establish myself and win other extraordinary awards, also in different categories.

WEVA ItAward 2019

SUPER-JUDJE Balcan-Award

Winner in the category “Best SDE Producer”.

3 place in the category “Best sound producer”

4 place in the category “Best Video Editor”

4 place in the category “Best Engagement”

4 place in the category “Best Walkthrough”

WEVA ItAward 2020

A different year.


here comes a peculiar, difficult and unusual year.

All of a sudden it seems that the world has stopped.

But in me the desire and hope are burning like never before.

The first lockdown dictated by a global pandemic has somehow pushed me to make choices, I was more aware and even more determined to find the glimmer of light that somehow the spread of the virus was taking away.

After the darkest period, which lasted about three months, when the pandemic seemed to stop, marriages that had been suspended, postponed or even cancelled began to be celebrated with the necessary restrictions.

Then the first “return to the light”: the honor of being chosen as a judge in an international contest like INSPIRATION PHOTOGRAPHERS gave me the right charge at the right time.

The couples who managed to get married were few, but the adventures and emotions experienced were not lacking.

Crossing all Italy, from Campania to Liguria, I told incredible stories this year too.

These “adventures” have given me the unfailing strength and courage to participate again, this time more than ever.

At the end of these journeys come the most incredible and unexpected AWARDS of my career, as well as jury appearances in other international contests.

In short, how do I remember 2020?

Here it is:


The 10 best films of 2020

3rd most awarded director of the year 2020

3rd Absolute Top 50 2020 – Filmmakers

WEVA ItAward 2020

Winner in the “Best Sound Producer” category.

Winner in the category “Milior SDE-creator”

3 place in the category “Best Cameraman”

3 place in the category “Best Wedding Highlights”

4 place in the category “Best Colorist”





Inizia il 2021

We all hope that we can return to life and that the dreams suspended now can come true.

In conclusion, personally

 despite the difficulties I have achieved fantastic goals and the enthusiasm always grows, although with the knowledge that I can and should always do better.

The first task was to play once again the role of judge for another fantastic reality “IGHAwards” international community of videographers.


I will never stop comparing, sharing and training!