Boho chic wedding: what is it, features and decorations

Boho chic wedding: what is it, features and decorations
The boho chic style wedding is the ultimate expression of creativity and positivity.

It is a choice of non-conformist couples who want to live a day immersed in decorations, shades, fabrics and accessories and bohemian scents.

But what is it and how to organize a boho chic wedding?

What decorations to choose to recreate the right atmosphere and what are the main features that has a wedding in perfect boho chic style?

Boho chic wedding, what is it?

The wedding is defined as boho chic style when it is inspired by the bohemian movement with references to hippy culture.

The Bohemian movement was born in France at the end of the 19th century and was adopted by artists, creative people, writers of the period.

In Italy, in the same period, the representatives of this free and nonconformist lifestyle were the intellectuals of the artistic movement called “scapigliatura”.

From the hippy culture, the boho chic style takes the light clothing made of macramé, natural fibers and light fabrics that leave the body free, but also the idea of deep love for nature and between people.

Today, celebrating your boho chic wedding means recreating a day in the name of nature, freedom and nonconformity.

Every detail is taken care of according to the style starting from the choice of materials and fabrics chosen for decorations and clothing, the choice of location and decorations.

Characteristics of boho chic wedding

A self-respecting boho wedding involves the use of linen clothes, silk, and can not miss chiffon, macramé jewelry, brooches and bracelets preferably handmade.

If you are thinking of organizing your wedding in boho chic style, attention to detail, decorations, choice of location and period are the first aspects to consider.

The celebration is held strictly outdoors, preferably in summer or spring.

The ideal location is on the beach or in the countryside in the open air.

Take a look at the best wedding locations in Tuscany ( or on the Amalfi coast ( , you will surely find some ideal places for your boho wedding.

The boho chic style wedding will have a rustic and vintage taste.

The wedding will be informal and the look of the bride and groom perfectly embodies the simple and free style of a life spent outdoors.

For the wedding dress one of the most used colors is ivory, even better if there are macramé decorations, veils or lace. The watchword remains in any case the lightness of fabrics and living.

Inevitable is the presence of colored ribbons for wedding decorations and many floral references as long as they are not too sophisticated compositions or very expensive flowers.

In particular, the typical wreath of flowers, or simple flowers in the braided hair are a must to achieve a perfect boho chic bridal look.

During the festivities is informality to guide the ceremony.

Informality also for the groom, who can prefer a vintage style, wear or not the bow tie and choose natural colors such as beige, light blue or ivory for his suit.

As for the guests, they too can adapt to the bohemian style with a certain freedom.

So, for the guests away shoes with heels, and yes to light clothes.

For men absolutely not recommended canonical clothes too classic, better to opt for linen suits, always elegant but more in line with the style of boho chic wedding.

A great inspiration is always the wedding of model Kate Moss with Jamie Hince.

Bohemian-style decorations

In a wedding, decorations are even more important if the theme is boho chic.

The day, immersed in nature implies that the choice of colors should follow the shades and themes present in the surrounding environment.

The choice should fall on the use of wild flowers, simple and discreet.

Along with the flowers are inevitable candles and warm lighting that guide guests in predetermined paths.

The colors that best resemble the boho chic style are those more soft and natural.

For example, for the decorations of your wedding you can choose peach, antique pink, powder or soft yellows.

The boho chic atmosphere can only be created with the skillful use of wedding decorations.

These help to make videos and photos enchanting.

Bright decorations, such as yellow lights on trees or running the length of a wooden gazebo, can galvanize the spirits of the guests and help light up the faces of the guests with the right atmosphere.

The floral decorations of the wedding, the dishes presented and, in general, the atmosphere of the wedding, make an ideal setting for the making of a movie.

The boho chic bouquet

In a self-respecting wedding, the bride’s bouquet deserves special care, especially for a boho chic wedding where flowers are the protagonists.

From the celebration, until the traditional final launch, the bouquet accompanies the bride at every stage and is often immortalized in photos and videos of the day.

For this reason, the care of its appearance is essential and it is important that this element is also in line with the boho chic style.

The flowers to be preferred must match those chosen for the boho chic wedding decorations.

Better to avoid calla lilies, calla lilies or other flowers with a more sophisticated character.
The choice are delicate roses, wild flowers, the classic orange blossoms with their vintage taste, also ideal for the hairstyle, and if it is the right period the mimosa, in its simplicity can give an original touch to the bouquet.

The shape of the bouquet should recall the speech of lightness and practicality that characterizes the boho chic wedding.

So green light to round bouquets and not too big, but also to pretty baskets or creations to carry with one hand.

The boho style wedding is a choice absolutely to consider, a trend increasingly appreciated by couples.