November 1, 2022

LAKE COMO | Fabulous wedding in Villa Regina Teodolinda

Villa Regina Teodolinda is an intimate location located on Lake Como. It is a magical, timeless place that can leave an indelible memory. 

I recently had the pleasure of making the wedding film of a young American couple who chose Villa Teodolinda itself. It was an exclusive ceremony held in a not very large venue. The concept? The bride and groom were dressed in white the guests in total black. 

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The Villa Regina Teodolinda: an enchantment at the foot of the lake 1

Intimacy and elegance 1

The wedding concept 2

Be inspired by the total black look for your wedding 2

What about the black wedding dress? 3

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The Villa Regina Teodolinda: an enchantment at the foot of the lake 

Villa Regina Teodolinda is located in Laglio, a small town situated on the western shore of Lake Como. Locals are quick to swear that the Villa was George Clooney’s first choice, but despite several attempts, he failed to acquire it. This small detail alone is enough to convey how exclusive, coveted, and discreet the villa is. 

The Villa is historic and for about twenty years between 589 and 616 the Queen of Italy and the Lombards, Theodolinda, stayed there. The setting of the lake of Laglio, the large English garden and the swimming pool are the backdrop to the large, comfortable and romantic hall.

There is no shortage of accommodation. The six available suites are furnished with care, the period furniture expertly restored keeping intact the historic value of the Villa.

Intimacy and elegance 

Villa Teodolinda is a true gem on Lake Como. Choosing it as a location for the most important day of your life will allow you to experience a day in a historic and stately palace.

It is built on a rectangular floor plan. To welcome you, on the ground floor, you will find a large hall. On the second floor and second floor are the lake view suites. The red-colored side area of the Villa houses two more suites equipped with every comfort. From every corner, moreover, you cannot help but be enchanted by the views and landscapes typical of the area.

The recently renovated villa preserves unchanged all the architectural peculiarities of the past. The wide staircase leading to the upper terrace, the pavement leading us to the boat docking area and the cozy swimming pool complete this elegant and intimate location.

The wedding concept

I immediately enthusiastically accepted the wedding concept chosen by Anthony and Chloe. The young American-born couple opted for a total black wedding. Black is a timeless and elegant color that lends itself well to velvet or silk dresses. 

All the guests were dressed in black, this allowed for maximum expression of the glam style where there was no shortage of carefully chosen accessories and sophisticated make-up. 

Black is also a color often chosen by celebrities at important events. The bride confided to us that she got her inspiration by wading through the clothing of actors and actresses starring in great movies of the past. 

We love to remember the dress worn by Ava Gardner in “The Gagsters,” and the famous black dress worn by Demy Moore in “Unceded Proposal.”

It was an intimate, emotional and love-filled wedding, felt even by those of us engaged in capturing the most beautiful moments of the day. 

The bride’s voice broken by the emotion of the moment, the magnificent boat ride cuddled by the gentle waves of Lake Como, the excitement of the bride’s relatives at seeing her first time wearing the dress, are just some of the small moments we wanted to collect in the trailer and the film.

Get inspired by the total black look for your wedding 

The total black look is an increasingly popular option for wedding guests. Until not so long ago, it was a color banned by etiquette. Keeping it in good company were white, an exclusive of the bride, red, which is too flashy and showy, and purple, the latter not a good omen. 

From the list, however, we can finally cross off black, confirmed by Diane Gottsman, an expert on modern manners and etiquette, who recently stated how there is nothing wrong with wearing a black dress to a wedding as long as it is paired with elegant, appropriate shoes and the right jewelry. 

Other experts recommend that black should avoid making the guest look too somber, which is why they suggest the use of small flowers and ruffles. 

Accessories also turn out to be essential. For example, black is well matched by bags in pastel shades. As for makeup, it is good that it should be light, and as for lipstick you can also dare the red coloro. 

Returning to the theme of weddings, there are many stars who have opted for a black dress. Starting with Cara Delevigne who wore a tuxedo at Eugenie of York’s wedding. Many also remember the black dress worn by Victoria Beckham at Kate and Williams’ royal wedding.

What about the black wedding dress? 

There is no shortage of cases where it is the bride and groom who opt for a total black look. It is certainly a countercultural choice and you may be surprised to learn that it can be seriously considered. 

Suffice it to say that the white-colored wedding dress is an all-too-recent tradition dating back to the mid-19th century. Before that time, wedding dresses could be of various colors, including black, the latter being widely used, for example, in Finland. 

The wedding dress is representative of your personality; it can be white, pink, light blue and why not even black, which has always been a color that symbolizes elegance and formality. Finally, there is no shortage of other aspects to consider: sometimes it can also be worn on other occasions! 

Write your wedding movie 

Whether you’re thinking of a wedding in an exclusive location on Lake Como, or in an exclusive castle in Tuscany, whether you’re thinking of a classic Italian wedding , or an alternative wedding, perhaps in boho chic style, we at Moovideomaking are by your side, ready to capture the set of lights, details atmospheres and shadows, creating the story of your most important day to review and relive whenever you want.