Getting married in Praiano enveloped by the sunset

November 13, 2022

Hussain and Roaa chose to get married in Praiano, in an enchanting location just a stone’s throw from Positano. Amidst the sea and unspoiled nature, they crowned their dream in front of the beautiful Praiano sunset, surrounded by the warmth of friends and family, enveloped by the scents of the Mediterranean scrub.

In this article we will tell about evocative and enchanting places, ideal for those who dream of an elegant wedding, immersed in the charm of nature.

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Wedding in Praiano 1

Welcome dinner before the wedding 2

Between sea, nature and good living in Praiano 2

Wedding documentary film 3

The wedding day in Praiano becomes a daydream. The town is part of the Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also called “the town that greets the sun.” In fact, Praiano is famous for its romantic sunsets and enchanting views as far as the island of Capri.

The town has several beautiful churches, such as the small church of San Gennaro with its view of the sea. In this place, scenic beauty meets culinary goodness. In Praiano it is natural to get lost in the alleys of the flower-filled village, to run after the scents emanating from the kitchens, to be carried away by the warmth of the local people.

Art, tradition and good food make this place an excellent choice for those looking for a location for their wedding in and around Positano. This was the case for our newlyweds who, originally from Saudi Arabia, chose the exclusive Casa Privata to welcome their guests right from the welcome dinner.

The sea and pine trees at sunset were the setting for the most important day of the two young newlyweds. Both the fashionable and festive welcome dinner and the wedding banquet were held outdoors in a magical space.

Decorations with flowers and leaves contrasted the white whiteness of the set tables. The soft, warm lights of the sunset provided a touch of brightness and natural elegance.

Welcome dinner before the wedding

The welcome dinner, or more properly called rehearsal dinner, is the dinner before the wedding day. It is a typical custom especially in the United States that is beginning to be chosen by many Italian brides and grooms as well.

Typically, the rehearsal dinner may include a dinner or buffet and then a final party with music and cocktails. The basic idea is to share with one’s guests the irrepressible emotions of the night before the wedding. It is as if the bride and groom cannot wait until the next day to see each other. In some ways it is reminiscent of the traditional serenade that the groom and his friends arrange under the balcony of the fiancée.

In Italy, too, more and more newlyweds are considering holding a welcome dinner. The dinner proves very useful when one’s invitees come from far away or when one chooses a wedding location far from home.

In these situations, some brides and grooms prefer not to let their guests have to make their own arrangements for the night before the wedding. The welcome dinner becomes a valuable opportunity to spend this time with them, especially when one does not have many other opportunities to see each other and share time.

Just as at Hussain and Roaa’s Praiano wedding, an informal evening can be arranged for the rehearsal dinner. Go for light and floaty dresses, comfortable shoes for several and dance the night away in an atmosphere filled with emotions, memories and love.

It is the perfect time to thank friends and family and share with them the anticipation of an unforgettable day.

Between sea, nature and good living in Praiano

For those who have always dreamed of a villa for their wedding on the Amalfi Coast, Positano, as well as the smaller town of Praiano, have always been among the most chosen places for the day of your “yes”.

Between the sea with pristine beaches and ridges lush with vegetation, one cannot help but be enchanted by the beauty of the landscape. For those who cannot resist the allure of the islands, the splendid Capri, Ischia and Procida, also perfect destinations for a beach wedding, are just a stone’s throw away.

The Coast has been witness to many famous loves. It has enchanted celebrities and ordinary people of all ages who have chosen it as the setting for their big day. Alongside the world-famous historic villas, there are many locations with a more discreet taste, exclusive places for a dream wedding.

You can enjoy breathtaking views, mystical landscapes rich in history, such as the Path of the Gods, and then relax in the many prestigious spas in the area. The good food, the festive and rich atmosphere in the area add an extra touch, making these places unforgettable for anyone who visits.

Elegance, good taste, exclusivity and that innate liveliness are what brides and grooms expect to find when they choose to get married in Praiano or another town on the Amalfi Coast.

Wedding documentary film

The most exciting moments of the wedding in Praiano and Hussein and Roaa’s welcome dinner became the perfect documentary film to relive every moment of love and joy. Every tear, every smile, every authentic moment of happiness is encapsulated in the wedding film, as in a precious treasure chest to be opened whenever you want.

The documentary of the bride and groom has festive hues. The sea in all its majesty, the enchanting view and every sincere smile is depicted. The music and nighttime hues of the welcome dinner, characterized by light and fresh clothes as the joy of the young guests, gives way to the soft yellows, the blue of the sea, the green of the pine trees and the sunset as red as the passion on the day of yes. The documentary film tells a story, an unforgettable story.

More and more newlyweds are choosing to entrust the videomaker with the task of capturing the film of their love in a personal film. The documentary film thus becomes a vivid memory that does not fear the passing of time.

An experienced videomaker creates a unique product, equal only to himself. The colors, settings and every single detail of one of the most important days of life are carefully chosen.

The wedding film best reflects the bride and groom, because you know, every love is unique and unrepeatable, it is painted in colors unlike any other love story.