Christmas wedding: 6 themed ideas for your December wedding

December 17, 2021

Wedding Christmas time take on a romantic and intimate feel and allow many guests to be present on such a special day. Why not immortalise every moment by making your own wedding film?

Getting married at Christmas is the dream of many couples who choose the most enchanting time of the year to fulfil their dream of love. How can you not immediately think of the warm atmosphere of Christmas, of kisses under the mistletoe and the white snow covering the landscape?

There is no shortage of ideas for Christmas-themed weddings and they all stand out for the dreamy, almost fairytale-like atmosphere that characterises this period, when everyone is happier.

In this article we will look at 6 original ideas to make your wedding unique at Christmas.

A Christmas-themed wedding fireplace

The ideal Christmas-themed wedding venue should always have a large open fireplace, where the fire crackles and warms the atmosphere with its warm glow.

The wood burns gently, giving off its delicate scent and providing a frame for the happiness of the guests and the bride and groom.

In the light of the fireplace, the festively decorated reception hall with an impressive Christmas tree opens up and in this atmosphere the bride and groom say their “I do’s”.

You can opt for a mountain chalet in the case of a more intimate ceremony, or for a historic location, with an ancient and warm feel. From a wedding on Lake Como to a wedding in Tuscany or, why not, on Procida. Italy offers some of the best locations in the world.

Wooden beams, red and green Christmas decorations, but also a modern reception hall with white, gold or silver colours. Whichever venue you choose to celebrate your wedding, an atmospheric fireplace is a must, even better if there is snow outside.

Brides, grooms and bridesmaids at Christmas

Brides wear elegant and beautiful dresses at Christmas. What all weddings have in common is just the period because, as we like to say: No Story is Equal.

The cold season lends itself well to long sleeves richly adorned with fine lace, white and snow-white furs, and gold, silver or red detailing.

The wedding dress of those who choose to get married in December can be opulent and sumptuous, but also simple, almost reminiscent of a long white silk nightgown with a few refined details and discreet elegance.

Groom can opt for a suit in heavy fabrics such as velvet and in dark, deep colours such as midnight blue, black or forest green.

For the bridesmaids, the advice is to choose dresses that are consistent with the Christmas theme. The colours? From classic red in the brightest shades to burgundy, to gold or silver.

It is better to avoid short dresses without stockings and dresses that are too low-cut and sleeveless. A Christmas wedding is also nice because it offers the chance to stay warm, wearing heavy, rich fabrics that are well suited to the winter climate.

  • Brides’ bouquets at Christmas
  • The bouquet of a Christmas bride does not have to be colourful. White, red, blue or peach roses, lilies and poinsettias are perfect for a December wedding.

    The bouquet can be embellished with red berries, pine cones painted in white, gold or silver and with holly and pine twigs, as well as sprigs of mistletoe.

    Your florist will be able to give you advice and original ideas for a personalised bouquet that reflects the bride’s taste.

  • Wedding decorations at Christmas
  • Christmas wedding decorations should be consistent in colour and style with the venue and the chosen attire.

    You can opt for warm and cosy colours typical of this period; therefore, pine green garlands combined with red and gold accessories. Or you can opt for blue combined with silver for a sophisticated and classy atmosphere. Another idea for decorating the hall on the day of a Christmas wedding is the use of white and gold or white and silver to create a “snowy”, almost fairy-tale atmosphere.

    The colours chosen will be the same for the Christmas tree in the hall, for the mise en place and preferably also for the cake.

    Candles, with their soft light that makes the room magical, as well as lights and decorative objects that recall the Christmas theme, are a must.

    The advice is to choose two predominant colours and at most a third, less prominent colour. In this way the atmosphere will appear tidy and the documentary of the big day will capture all the most beautiful details, in a unique and indelible memory.

    Christmas-themed cake

    Any self-respecting wedding ends with the bride and groom cutting the cake. In the case of a Christmas wedding, the cake should have a Christmas theme.

    Pinecones, holly, snow crystals, enchanting reindeer and even the cake’s texture reminiscent of Grandma’s Christmas jumpers. Today, confectioners are able to create real edible works of art.

    As for the flavours to choose from, the cold period gives way to richer tastes such as chocolate, pistachio or hazelnuts.

    For accompanying treats, you can opt for typical Christmas sweets, such as decorated gingerbread biscuits, stuffed panettone or traditional cakes.

    Photos with the cake can be taken in front of the Christmas tree or in front of the lit fireplace for an even more romantic and magical effect.

  • Wedding favours at Christmas
  • The perfect wedding favours for Christmas are those that evoke the winter period. They can be useful items for the cold season, but also beautiful handcrafted cribs or design balls for the tree and even small real fir trees in pots. These last ideas should be avoided if the wedding is on New Year’s Eve.

    In this case, it is better to opt for a bottle of vincotto or liqueur, culinary products or everyday accessories.

    One idea for wedding favours that works all year round is to donate the planned expenditure to charity. There are many charities that, in exchange for the charity, prepare a small item to give to guests.